What’s the difference between stainless steel and aluminium bottles?

Not all reusable bottles are born the same

Sometimes it’s hard to spot the difference on the outside between stainless steel insulated bottles and aluminium ones- but the key difference lies on the inside. Aluminium is a much cheaper and lighter weight material than Stainless steel- sounds good right? Not so much in our opinion:


Aluminium is reactive metal, which means it can react to certain liquids. Exposed aluminium can leach chemicals into the liquid that’s inside. Ever tasted something a bit funny from that drink in the aluminium can? BPA-free aluminium bottles aren’t always the safest option because they may contain other harmful chemicals too. Don’t worry too much though- aluminium bottles should come with a food grade lining made from enamel or plastic to act as a barrier between the metal and the liquid. This is fine for single use cans, but if you’re going to use your reusable bottle for a long time with hot and cold drinks, this lining can eventually break down. Stainless steel on the other hand is non-reactive, bottles made from this material don’t react with the liquid inside and therefore don’t have to come with a food grade lining. It’s generally much higher quality, safer, and heat resistant.


Everyone has different needs when it comes to a reusable bottle. When compared to glass bottles or BPA-free plastic bottles, stainless steel water bottles are far more likely to withstand bumps and drops, and a more suitable choice when out hiking or off the beaten track. Comparing to aluminium It’s a lot easier to dent an aluminum bottle than one that’s made of stainless steel. Despite their similar looks, stainless steel bottles are far more durable than aluminum bottles.


Stainless steel water bottles are generally a bit heavier than aluminum water bottles because of the more durable material used. We’ve managed to cut down on the weight of our bottles as much as possible without using aluminium.


A reusable bottle is meant to last a long time, right? For that reason it’s important to think about how long a stainless steel reusable bottle will last compared to aluminium before buying one. When it comes to the lifespan of aluminium bottles, you should consider the internal lining. Over time, the lining will wear down and whatever the lining is made of will make its way into your drinks, along with the bare aluminium that’s left behind! At the end of the day though they’re both longer lasting than the alternative- think of how much you’ve spent in the last year on single use bottled water? 

Invest in a high quality stainless steel bottle

When considering a reusable water bottle, it all depends on what suits your lifestyle best, and whether you would want to keep drinks hot or cold for longer too. However, quality should always matter when a product comes into close contact with your drinking water/ tea every day! We believe the main purpose of investing in a stainless steel reusable bottle isn’t just the convenience of having cold water on hand. It’s also a safer way to enjoy your drinks, whilst doing something good for the planet.

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