Branded Water Bottles

Are you keen to get your brand seen by thousands? Are you struggling to find an affordable, effective method that maximises brand awareness? Well, we have the answer! Here at Just Bottle, we produce branded water bottles that not only attract the eye but are eco-friendly and sustainable. Contact our team today if you want a simple, stylish and environmentally conscious product that is guaranteed to attract customers!

Choose Your Promotional Personalised Water Bottles

Marketing is a crucial part of any business model, and many companies take high-risk strategies to be visible on a wide scale. What if we told you that there is a much simpler way, and it involves metal bottles?

Well, we here at Just Bottle offer premium bottles made from stainless steel that act as the perfect promotional tool. This is because we produce personalised printed water bottles that can feature your company name and logo.

To stand head and shoulders above the competition, you need to get your organisation seen by as many eyes as possible. Something as simple as sports bottles can make a huge impact on your target market as people always drink water, especially in the gym to stay hydrated during exercise.

White reusable water bottle held in hand with trees in background
steel reusable bottle with cotton bag and grey gift tube

If you carry around promotional water bottles, you will cross paths with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who will notice you.

By enlisting our co-branding service, you can choose to personalise our sports bottles or general drinking water bottles by opting to include your:

  • Printed logo
  • Company name
  • Name engraving

Exclusive, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

With organisations around the world taking measures to operate in an environmentally-friendly way, we here at Just Bottle can help you with your pledge to protect the world.

In fact, every time one of our water bottles is purchased, a donation is made to the UK organisation Just One Ocean, which works tirelessly to clean up our seas and protect marine life day by day.

So, not only will your new personalised water bottle help expose your name to a wider market, but it will also promote an eco-friendly ethos, which will boost your brand's reputation and potentially attract a new strand of consumers.

How Does it Work?

The process of ordering your new water bottle could not be simpler. We have broken down the steps for you below:

Choose Your Bottle

A functioning water bottle is crucial, but it also needs to look good! We offer a wide range of custom features, including various full-colour options. A drinking bottle of ours can be designed in:

  • Flint Grey

  • Glacier White

  • Original Steel

You can choose one of the above as a full colour but we have some more colours coming in a few days to fit all our clients style and preferences!

Send Us Your Logo

To make your business stand out, having your logo printed on our stainless steel products is a great promotional move.

We can also include the name of your organisation to greater enhance your chances of catching your customers' eyes and promote your business more.

Printing or Engraving

It is entirely up to you whether your branding is printed or engraved on our metal bottles. There are many benefits to both, such as:

  1. Laser Engraving - This option is smooth, sleek, and sophisticated, immediately creating a sense of luxury

  2. UV Printing - This option allows you to create colourful and attractive designs that are sure to catch the eye

The Benefits of Choosing Our Printed Water Bottles

As well as getting eco-friendly high-quality bottles that don't damage your health and boost your organisation's image, you also get to take advantage of the below benefits.

Low Minimum Order

We completely understand that prices will be a factor when it comes to purchasing our reusable bottles. Unlike many other providers, we accept small and large orders.

In fact, we boast a low minimum order quantity, so you can try out the bottle before purchasing in bulk.

Exclusive Discounts

By ordering these branded products with us, you will qualify for a range of discounts, with quantities ranging from 25 to 500 bottles. So, you can avoid having to pay high prices for our advertising insulated bottle!


There's no need to worry about a delivery fee as we offer it FREE to any single address within the UK whether this is a corporate or single customer order.

This doesn't mean we don't deliver outside of the UK, we just ask that you get in touch with us if you want to make an order from overseas to check the price.

light blue water with coral underneath ocean

Order Our Products and Support Sustainability

What makes Just Bottle special is that every time one of our products is purchased, a contribution is made to Just One Ocean. In fact, 5% of our profits go directly to this UK-based organisation, which works tirelessly to clean up our oceans, ridding them of harmful plastics material.

Cotton reusable water bottle bag lying on slab with green forest background

Help Make a Difference

By ordering from us, you will not only get a healthy, eco-friendly product that will keep your drinks cool but your customers and employees will also recognise that you're supporting sustainable practices. Contact us today to make your merchandise order whether that is for the office, special events, a gift or just for yourself. Call +44788 898 738, email or fill out the form on our contact page.

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