About Just Bottle Products

What are the dimensions of Just bottles?

The bottles hold 500ml (17oz) of liquid. Its height is 23.5cm and the diameter is 7cm.

Are Just bottles leak proof?

Yes, every Just Bottle is leak proof. It is designed with an airtight lid to keep drinks hot or cold for longer.

How are Just bottles packaged?

The bottle will arrive in a plain cardboard mailing box to protect the gifting tube and bottle during transit. The gifting tube is a cylinder shape and will contain the cotton bag and bottle.

Can I recycle a Just bottle?

Yes. We've made sure to use materials that are recyclable. You can recycle the mailing box, gifting tube, cotton bag and bottle.

How long do Just bottles keep drinks hot?

The bottles keep drinks hot for up to 12hrs. This is based on filling the bottle with boiling water and keeping the lid shut. For everyday use we recommend filling the bottle with boiling water, then emptying it out, followed by filling it with your hot drink. This heats the inside layer of the bottle for best results. 

How long do Just bottles keep drinks cold?

The bottles keep drinks cold for up to 24hrs based on the temperature of the liquid and how many times the lid is opened. Make sure to fill the bottle with cold liquid first, as putting the bottle in the fridge will not work because of the vacuum insulation.  

Do Just bottles get hot or cold on the outside?

The bottles are made with two layers of stainless steel and a powder coat top layer. This means that the outside of the bottle will not get hot or cold, and there will be no condensation. Please be careful when theres very hot liquid inside- the outside will not feel hot!

Are Just bottles BPA free?

Yes. Our products are BPA free.

Are Just bottles durable?

Just bottles body, lid and handle are constructed from high grade stainless steel so they are tough enough for any adventure. We still advise to take care of the bottle as accidental damage is not covered by our returns policy.

Who can I contact for PR and collaborations?

Please use the Contact Us form with details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.