Just Bottle x seven seeds coffee roasters

Where Coffee Meets Sustainability

Exploring the Perfect Blend: Just Bottle's Collaboration with Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

In an exciting union that celebrates the perfect blend of sustainability, coffee culture, and reusable products, Just Bottle has teamed up with Melbourne's iconic Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards a greener future, combining the passion for quality coffee with the commitment to reducing environmental impact.

A Shared Passion for Sustainability

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, nestled in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, has long been a revered name in the coffee industry. Beyond crafting exquisite brews, Seven Seeds is equally known for its dedication to sustainability.

This collaboration with Just Bottle is a natural progression of their shared values, merging the worlds of coffee and reusable products to create a positive change.

The TempControl™ Reusable Mug and Bottle: A Sustainable Sip

The TempControl™ Reusable mug and Reusable bottle are not just vessels; they're an embodiment of thoughtful design and sustainability. Crafted to perfection, these items keep your beverages at the optimal temperature, ensuring that every sip is as delightful as the first. Whether it's a steaming latte or an iced brew, the TempControl™ technology maintains the ideal temperature, transforming your coffee experience.

But the magic of this collaboration goes beyond the sip. Just as Seven Seeds meticulously selects its coffee beans, the TempControl™ Reusable mug and Reusable bottle have been carefully crafted from sustainable materials, encouraging a shift away from single-use plastic and disposable cups.

The partnership empowers coffee lovers to make a conscious choice while relishing their favourite brew, aligning taste with values.

Supporting a Cleaner Tomorrow

With every Just Bottle x Seven Seeds TempControl™ reusable product sold, a portion of the proceeds goes towards beach clean-up initiatives around the world. This added layer of commitment amplifies the impact of the collaboration, ensuring that every purchase contributes to the preservation of our oceans and coastlines. It's a collective effort, where the joy of a perfectly brewed coffee is matched by the joy of knowing you're making a positive difference.

Available Where Coffee Meets Sustainability

The TempControl™ Reusable Mug and Bottle can now be found in Seven Seeds Cafes and Online Shops. This collaboration invites coffee lovers to embrace a more sustainable way of enjoying their favourite brews. Whether you're grabbing your daily dose of caffeine on the go or leisurely sipping in a café, these reusable products are the embodiment of conscious choices.

Sustainability Beyond the Surface

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters has always been more than just a coffee brand. They are committed to sustainable sourcing initiatives, social endeavours, and environmental conservation efforts. By aligning with Seven Seeds, Just Bottle underscores its dedication to meaningful partnerships that extend beyond mere business transactions.

Seven Seeds Impact Report

Immerse Yourself: Online and In-Store

As Just Bottle and Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters raise their cups to this remarkable collaboration, they invite you to join in. Sip sustainably, savour each moment, and be a part of the movement towards a world where coffee and sustainability blend seamlessly. Visit Seven Seeds Cafes or their online shops to embrace this partnership that celebrates the art of coffee and the beauty of reusable products.

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