We've created a sustainable solution to the single-use plastic problem. We make high quality reusable bottles that inspire journey and are tough enough for any adventure

About the Founders

We founded Justbottle in 2021 - a reusable bottle is an everyday essential for us, but we found ourselves still shopping around for a better one, and sometimes not even taking it with us, we asked ourselves why. Were we being lazy? Or was there nothing on the market that suited all our needs. When we asked other about it, we found lots of other people were facing the same problem.

We wanted to create a bottle that we would use everyday. Something you not only CAN carry everywhere, but WANT TO carry everywhere, lightweight, and built to last. 

We believe that for many people Justbottle is the beginning of journey, not only to do something good for the planet but also to make memories anywhere they go.

- Sam and Millie

We believe in a future where the oceans are thriving

Turns out there's still a lot of work to do when it comes to single-use plastic pollution, especially in the ocean. By using a reusable bottle you're already doing your bit, but we thought we'd play our part by giving 5% of our profits to the experts at Just One Ocean who know where to help the most  

We make reusable bottles for everyone, that are built to last

You shouldn't have to compromise when you choose to use a reusable bottle, that's why our bottles are designed to last. Our team use the finest materials to ensure high performance, wherever you go

Business for good

Turns out there's still a lot of work to do when it comes to single use plastic pollution, especially in the ocean. Your purchase from our future-focused business allow us to give 5% of our profits directly to Just One Ocean UK based organisation working to preserve the oceans for future generations