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Searching for the best lightweight bottle?
Look no further!

The Just Bottle lightweight water bottleis a must-have for those of us constantly on the go. It's reusable,lightweightand easy to carry, so you can take it with you wherever without having any guilt about wasting plastic! Plus this stylish vessel is also BPA free as well as being environmentally friendly which makes using it even more enjoyable knowing that it's safe and free from toxins and chemicals found in plastics. 

The lightweight water bottle is the perfect combination of quality, portability and design. With a fashionable, yet practical carrier bag and gift tube included, this is the ultimate eco-friendly gift – making hydration a stylish affair.

Flint grey lightweight bottle with carry handle

Tired of lugging around a heavy water bottle when you're out on a hike?

This lightweight water bottle is perfect for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without all the extra weight. Made with special technology, this bottle is leakproof and easy to clean. Whether you're hiking, biking, or just enjoying a day out, the Just Bottle lightweight water bottle is a great choice for staying hydrated on the go! Just Bottle is the perfect travel partner. The cap has a leak-proof secure lid and includes a handy carry loop, so you can easily attach it to your backpack. Its insulated cap has a stainless steel handle, adding to this bottle’s style and sturdiness. It also helps with the unscrew afterwards. When our clients tested our lightweight bottle, there were no leaks after being left upside-down for 24 hours, or when thrown around inside a bag.

Just Bottle water bottles are lightweight, slim, and stylish. They also come in multiple colours and finishes so choose the bottle that fits your sense of style. Our ultra-lightweight water bottle fits perfectly within your bag or in your hand. Users love the Armour-Coat™ Matte Finish giving the bottle a nice non-slip quality. This lightweight water bottle has a simple and minimalist design. You will love your Just Bottle as well as our lifetime warranty that covers every bottle.

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Why pick our lightweight water bottle?

The Just Bottle water bottles help you keep your beverages cold (24hrs+) or hot (12hrs+). Our leakproof, lightweight water bottle is complete with a carry handle and an easy to open cap! If you wish to have ice cold water on hand at all times during the day, add ice in your bottle and the double-wall vacuum insulation will hold your drink at a crisp cold temperature for a long time. The slender size of the bottle allows you to easily travel with it in your handbag or backpack leaving enough space for all your other things in there. Want to take your Just Bottle to the beach, gym, or picnic? Not a problem! 

Order your lightweight water bottle today and we will help the ocean in your name as 5% of profits committed go to Just One Ocean, a UK organisation whose mission is to preserve the oceans for future generations.

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