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At Just Bottle™, we fund the collection of ocean plastic from coastline communities with no recycling in place.

Every individual and Co-brand sale includes a contribution to various beach clean projects around the world which are 100% traceable through our partner organisations.

Why collect ocean plastic?

Ocean plastic pollution breaks down into small particles that can be ingested by small organisms, making its way up the food chain. This can have devastating consequences for the health of entire marine ecosystems, ultimately impacting human health as well. Furthermore, ocean plastic is an eyesore that can detract from the natural beauty of our oceans and beaches, negatively impacting tourism and local economies in certain areas.

By collecting ocean plastic from coastline communities with no recycling in place, we can prevent it from reentering the ocean, protect marine life, and preserve the livelihoods of local communities. It also provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of proper waste management and recycling, ultimately leading to long-term solutions for plastic pollution.

How do we fund the collection of ocean plastic?

Beach clean projects around the world are making a significant impact in reducing the amount of plastic waste that enters our oceans.

We ensure that our contributions towards these projects are effectively utilised and are 100% traceable so that every bit of plastic waste collected is accounted for.

This gives us peace of mind knowing that our efforts are making a tangible difference and helping to preserve the beauty of our oceans for generations to come.

Current Project

Project: Ocean Plastic in the Andaman Islands

Country: India

Activity Space: Ocean

Collection Area: Island

Collection Materials: Multi-layer Plastics & Low-value plastics

Collection Frequency: Daily

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