From Plastic to Stainless Steel: Understanding the Benefits of a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Most people are aware of the problems associated with single use plastic bottles. They're made from petroleum, they take forever to degrade, and they pollute our planet. But what about a stainless steel water bottle? Are they really any better for the planet? Let's take a closer look.

Stainless steel water bottles are made with a safe, food-grade material that doesn't leach chemicals into your water

Stainless steel bottles are the best choice when it comes to storing water, beverages and other liquids due to their durability. Instead of plastic containers, that contain BPA, stainless steel bottles provide a safe, food-grade material that prevents harmful chemicals from leaching into your cold or hot drinks. Rather than contributing to the world’s plastic pollution problem, stainless steel helps reduce our dependence on single-use products while being free from health risks associated with plastics. Whether you’re heading to work or taking a trip outdoors, using Just Bottle reusable water bottles will ensure your liquid stays at the right temperature, (hot or cold) and is safe for drinking.

They're reusable, so you'll save money and reduce waste over time

Reusable items are an increasingly popular way to save money and the environment. By swapping out the designated single-use products that we usually use around our home, gym, school, office or for travel with reusable options, we can make a tremendous difference in our financial plan and carbon footprint. From shopping bags to water bottles, food containers, and more, there are hundreds of items that can be reused for months or years - which means fewer trips to the store and lower monthly expenses. The added benefit is that by using reusable goods over their disposable counterparts, waste accumulation is significantly reduced. Beyond the cost savings involved, opting for reusable products also provides peace of mind in knowing you are doing your part to protect the planet from unnecessary trash.

Stainless steel water bottles keep your drinks colder or hotter for longer than plastic or glass bottles

A stainless steel bottle is the ideal container for keeping drinks at optimal temperatures for extended periods of time. This is because, unlike glass and plastic bottles, stainless steel effectively insulates whatever liquid it holds. From keeping cold drinks refreshingly chilled in summer to enabling you to enjoy a hot cuppa when out and about during winter, these bottles are excellent additions to your travel kit when hiking, and they come in many interesting shapes and sizes. With their modern appearance and durability, stainless steel bottles make an attractive choice for those wanting to keep their beverages at a drinkable temperature no matter where life takes them. The Just Bottle collection of insulated bottles is made at a high standard, and durable, so you won't end up with scratches on them and make their cleaning is pretty simple as well. Just rinse them with some water and soap and you are done.

Reusable water bottles are less likely to break than glass bottles, making them perfect for on-the-go

Steel bottles are quickly replacing glass bottles for an on-the-go lifestyle because of their durability. Steel bottles are made from a lightweight but rigid material that is much less prone to breaking than glass due to the high-temperature beverages or contact with other things in your bag. This makes them ideal for carrying drinks when you're out and about, or even during sporting activities like hiking, where the potential for bumps and drops is higher than usual. So you can be confident your drinks won't spill in your bag. In addition, they are designed to be reused multiple times, which helps reduce waste while still ensuring hygienic safety standards. Overall, steel bottles make a great option for anyone looking for something that's convenient and robust in equal measure.

Many stainless steel bottles now come with fun features like infusers or filters, so you can customize your water however you like

With the invention of stainless steel bottles, they have quickly become a favourite among sports and fitness fanatics. Not only are they lightweight, durable, and reusable, but many of them now come with fun details like infusers or filters. This allows individuals to customize their water according to their own personal taste preferences. The infuser options can range from putting in fresh fruits like lemons or oranges to adding herbs for a flavour twist. For those that want an even smoother taste, some filters can help make the water taste just like home-filtered tap water. All in all, these new features make it easier than ever to stay hydrated with your favourite drink – whether that be flavoured water or natural mineral water!


All in all, stainless steel bottles are a great alternative to plastic and glass because they're safe, sustainable, durable and customizable. Not to mention that many of them look pretty cool too! With so many great benefits, it might be time for you to invest in one of your own. And if you're looking for the best options on the market, make sure to check out Just Bottle's selection. What's more, every purchase helps reduce ocean waste, so pick up yours today and know that you've done something good for the environment. From saving money to helping keep our planet healthy, you can't go wrong with stainless steel bottles.

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