What's the Best Conference Swag Giveaway in 2023?

What's the Best Conference Swag Giveaway in 2023?

In 2023, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a necessity, businesses and organisations are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to align their operations with eco-friendly practices.

Promotional products to giveaway at conferences are undergoing a transformation, steering away from the traditional practices of distributing disposable and often forgettable swag items. Instead, the spotlight is now firmly on giveaways that are not only useful but also resonate with the broader goal of making business sustainable.

If you're looking for the best conference swag ideas for your next event, look no further than reusable water bottles.  Branded reusable water bottles the perfect blend of utility and sustainability. As we find ourselves amidst a global shift towards environmental consciousness, the choice of conference swag can speak volumes about a company's values and its stance on global issues.

The reusable water bottle customised with your company logo stands as a symbol of this change, promising not only a step towards reducing plastic waste but also adopting a culture of responsibility and awareness.

As we delve a little deeper into this topic, we will explore the multifaceted benefits of choosing reusable water bottles as your conference swag. From showcasing a positive brand image to making a substantial contribution to environmental conservation, the reusable water bottle is more than just a giveaway item; it's a statement, a movement, a step towards a greener and healthier future.

Why giveaway promotional products at a conference? 

Let's begin by looking at the benefits of conference giveaways, you may feel like branded swag is just another expense, and the only reason you need to purchase it is because every other business does too. 

There's a few great reasons why businesses invest in high quality conference swag. In the dynamic landscape of business and networking, conferences stand as pivotal events that facilitate connections, the exchange of ideas, and often set the stage for collaborations and ultimately grow your business. Within this context, the role of promotional products cannot be understated.

These tangible tokens serve as a bridge between brands and their potential clientele, a physical embodiment of the brand's values that attendees can take home with them. But why exactly is it so crucial to giveaway promotional products at a conference? Let's delve deeper into this practice that has stood the test of time, adapting and evolving to meet the demands of the modern corporate world.

Building a memorable brand image

In a sea of companies vying for attention, promotional products are a great way to help your brand stand out. These items, carefully chosen to resonate with your brand's ethos, create a lasting impression in the minds of the conference attendees.

It's not just about the physical product but the message it carries, the values it represents, and the story it tells about your brand. By giving away promotional products, you are essentially extending a part of your brand into the lives of potential clients and partners, fostering a connection that goes beyond the the conference.

Enhancing engagement and interaction

Conferences are hubs of interaction, where every conversation holds the potential for future collaborations. Promotional products act as ice-breakers, initiating conversations that might not have happened otherwise. They create a platform for engagement, encouraging attendees to approach your booth, inquire about your brand, and engage in meaningful dialogues.

Moreover, these products can be designed to encourage interaction, perhaps through innovative designs or functionalities that provoke curiosity and discussion, thereby enhancing the overall engagement at the conference. For example, Just Bottle funds the collection of ocean plastic with every branded water bottle sold, as the ocean plastic collection is directly funded by the business who buy the products, this would be a great conversation starter about how conference event is having a positive environmental impact.

Creating a positive perception

The type of promotional gifts you choose can speak volumes about your company. In an age where your target audience are increasingly leaning towards brands that embody responsibility and sustainability, choosing eco-friendly promotional products can be a game-changer. It portrays your brand as one that is cognisant of the larger issues at hand, willing to take a step towards positive change. It creates a perception of a brand that is not just focused on profit margins but is genuinely invested in making a difference.

A cost-effective marketing strategy

In the grand scheme of marketing strategies, giving away promotional products stands as a cost-effective method that promises substantial returns. Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional products have a longer lifespan, constantly reminding users of your brand each time they use the item. It's a form of marketing that doesn't feel intrusive, seamlessly integrating into the daily lives of the recipients. Moreover, the reach of these products goes beyond the individual who receives it, extending to their social circles, thereby amplifying the visibility of your brand without any additional costs.

Encouraging brand loyalty and brand recognition

Promotional products are an easy way to build brand loyalty. When attendees receive a high quality promotional items that are not only useful but also resonates with their values, it creates a positive association with your brand. It builds a foundation of trust and appreciation, encouraging them to choose your brand over others in the future. It's a gesture that says, "We value you," laying the groundwork for a relationship that is based on mutual respect and understanding. 

Why reusable water bottles make the best conference swag

In a world that is increasingly becoming conscious of the environmental impacts of human activities, the shift towards sustainable practices is more than just a trend, it's a necessity. As businesses and organisations strive to align with this global movement, the choice of conference swag becomes a significant consideration.

Among the many options available, reusable water bottles, particularly those made of stainless steel, have emerged as the undisputed champions. Let's explore further the reasons why these bottles are not just a giveaway item, but a powerful tool in fostering brand awareness and promoting sustainability.

Durability and longevity

Stainless steel water bottles are renowned for their durability. Unlike plastic bottles, which are prone to wear and tear, stainless steel can withstand the rigors of daily use without showing signs of damage. Its robust nature means that it can be carried around without fear of leaks or breaks, making it the perfect gift for event attendees. This longevity ensures that the conference attendee will have a lasting reminder of your brand with a reusable bottle that stands the test of time.

Daily utility: a canvas for brand awareness

The beauty of a reusable water bottle lies in its daily utility. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, hydration remains a constant necessity. By providing a bottle that can be refilled and reused day after day, you are ensuring that your brand becomes a part of the daily routine of the conference attendee.

Each sip becomes a subtle reminder of your brand, creating a connection that is both constant and positive. Moreover, the bottle serves as a walking advertisement for your brand, catching the eyes of others in the workplace, gym, or other business events, thereby increasing organic brand awareness.

Aligning with environmental consciousness

Choosing reusable water bottles as your conference swag is a great opportunity to make a statement about your brand's commitment to environmental conservation. In a time where single-use plastics are wreaking havoc on our ecosystems, the choice of a reusable bottle is a powerful gesture. It shows that your brand is not just aware of the global challenges we face but is actively participating in the solution. This alignment with a cause that is larger than your brand fosters a positive image, portraying your company as responsible and forward-thinking.

Customisation opportunities

Reusable water bottles offer a great canvas for branding. Their surface can be customised to carry your logo, tagline, or any other branding element in a manner that is both aesthetic and prominent. This customization not only enhances the visual appeal of the bottle but also serves as a constant reminder of your brand. Moreover, the versatility of stainless steel allows for a variety of branding techniques, from laser engraving to high-quality colour prints, ensuring that your brand is showcased in the perfect way.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

At its core, a water bottle encourages hydration, an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. By choosing water bottles as your corporate gifts, you are aligning your brand with positive health practices. It shows that your brand cares for the well-being of its audience.

Reusable water bottles stand out as the best conference gifts, their durable nature, coupled with their daily utility, creates a platform for sustained brand awareness. As we navigate through the rest of 2023, the choice of reusable water bottles as conference swag is not just a marketing strategy, but a reflection of a brand that is ready to lead in a world that values sustainability, health, and responsibility.

The environmental impact of using branded bottles as swag

In the contemporary era, where the clarion call for environmental conservation reverberates louder than ever, businesses are expected to step up and contribute towards the global goal of a greener, healthier planet. One of the avenues where this commitment is vividly displayed is in the choice of conference swag.

The shift towards branded bottle swag, particularly reusable ones, is not just a marketing strategy, but a testament to a brand's dedication to sustainable practices. Let's delve into the profound environmental impacts that this choice embodies, potentially setting a benchmark for responsible corporate behavior.

Reduction in plastic waste

The most immediate impact of opting for branded bottle swag is the substantial reduction in plastic waste. Single-use plastics, which have long been the norm in conferences, contribute significantly to environmental degradation. By replacing these with reusable bottles, a brand can actively participate in reducing the plastic footprint. These simple yet powerful tools can prevent thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or oceans, thereby protecting our ecosystems from further harm.

Conservation of natural resources

The production of single-use plastics is not only harmful post-consumption but also involves the utilisation of vast amounts of natural resources during manufacturing. From water to fossil fuels, the resources consumed are substantial. In contrast, the production of reusable bottles, particularly those made from stainless steel, is far more resource-efficient in the long run. By choosing branded bottle swag, you are indirectly contributing to the conservation of these precious resources, fostering a healthier planet.

Lower carbon footprint

The lifecycle of a reusable bottle, from production to disposal, has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to single-use plastics. The manufacturing process of plastics releases a considerable amount of greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming. Reusable bottles, on the other hand, once produced, have a long lifespan, negating the need for repeated manufacturing and thereby reducing the overall carbon emissions associated with their use.

Promoting environmental awareness

Beyond the tangible benefits, the choice of branded bottle swag serves as an educational tool, promoting environmental awareness among conference attendees. It serves as a conversation starter, encouraging individuals to ponder upon their choices and their impacts on the environment. It fosters a culture of responsibility, where each individual is encouraged to make choices that are aligned with the well-being of the planet.

The best way to showcase your logo on a stainless steel water bottle

Now for some top tips on the best ways make your logo stand out on a reusable bottle. The way your logo is showcased on your company swag can significantly influence brand recall and recognition. Here, we delve into the art of effectively displaying your logo on a stainless steel water bottle to ensure it captures attention of potential customers for a long time.

Use bold and contrasting colours

The first step to creating a striking logo that best displays your brand name is selecting bold colours that stand in stark contrast to the base colour of the bottle. This contrast not only draws the eye but also accentuates the logo, making it a focal point of the design. Consider colours that resonate with your brand identity as the base colour of the bottle, alternatively, opting for a simple white bottle if your logo is dark will make for a great piece of swag.

Textured print for a tactile experience

Taking the logo design a notch higher, incorporating textured print can add a tactile dimension to your branding. This technique involves creating a raised pattern on the logo, offering a touchable experience that engages people on a sensory level. The textured print not only makes the logo visually appealing but also encourages people to hold the bottle, creating a tactile connection between the user and your brand, which can enhance memory retention, Just Bottle's 3D Texture printing is ideal.

Vertical and large logo placement

To maximise visibility and impact, consider printing the logo vertically and in a large format up the length of the bottle. This approach not only utilises the bottle's height to draw attention but also allows for a more significant and bolder display of the logo. A vertically aligned logo can be seen from multiple angles, ensuring that your brand receives optimum exposure. A large logo also becomes a statement piece, turning the bottle into a walking billboard that promotes your brand to conference goers.

Incorporating these elements into your logo design strategy can significantly enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of your branded stainless steel water bottles. Remember, a well-designed logo doesn't just showcase your brand; it tells a story and fosters a connection with the audience at in-person events.

Experiment with a variety of colors, cool designs, textured prints, and large vertical logo placements to create a promotional product that not only serves a functional purpose but also amplifies your brand presence in the market. The good news is here at Just Bottle, we can take care of the design for you free of charge if you're too busy planning your corporate events.

Why sustainable event swag is important for brand exposure

In today's world where consumerism is at its peak, the environmental impact of our everyday choices has become a topic of discussion. Brands, both big and small, are constantly seeking ways to differentiate themselves in the market, and one of the most effective ways to do so is by aligning with the values of their target audience. Enter sustainable event swag.

This isn't just about giving away eco-friendly merchandise at events; it's about making a statement about a brand's commitment to the environment and its future. Here's why sustainable event swag is not just a trend, but an essential strategy for brand exposure:

Resonates with conscious consumers: Modern consumers are more informed and conscious about the environmental impact of their purchases. By offering sustainable event swag, brands can tap into this growing segment of consumers who prioritise eco-friendly products. This not only helps in attracting potential customers but also in retaining existing ones who share similar values.

Enhances brand image: A brand that is seen taking proactive steps towards sustainability is often perceived as responsible and forward-thinking. By choosing sustainable event gift ideas, brands can enhance their image, making them more appealing to partners, stakeholders, and consumers.

Promotes longevity: Sustainable products, by design, are meant to last longer. When a brand gives away durable, eco-friendly merchandise, it ensures that the product remains in use for a longer time, thereby ensuring prolonged brand exposure.

Generates positive word of mouth: People love to talk about brands that are doing good for the environment. When attendees receive these kind of swag gifts at an event, they're more likely to share their positive experience with others, either through word of mouth or on social media, amplifying brand exposure.

Sets a positive precedent: By investing in sustainable event swag, brands can inspire other businesses to follow suit. This not only helps in creating a ripple effect in the industry but also positions the brand as a leader in sustainability.

Cost-effective in the long run: While the initial investment in sustainable products might be slightly higher, the long-term benefits in terms of brand loyalty, positive PR, and reduced waste can lead to significant cost savings.

Addresses global concerns: Climate change and environmental degradation are current global issues. Brands that address these issues head-on by adopting sustainable practices are not just catering to a niche audience but are resonating with a global sentiment.

Sustainable event swag is more than just a marketing gimmick. It's a good idea and a reflection of a brand's ethos and its commitment to a better future. By integrating sustainability into their promotional strategies, brands can ensure not just better brand exposure but also a positive impact on the planet whilst promoting their company's logo on eco-friendly products.

Final Thoughts: 

As a supplier of sustainable branded water bottles, we've seen great results from our clients who choose our products for their events. The thing they love the most is that people will use and reuse the bottles or coffee mugs everyday, which has a dual benefit for the business and the end user. As you may know from experience, trade show attendees tend to receive a lot of giveaway products. Most of these products are either single-use or cheaply made so it's refreshing when they get their hands on a reusable product that will last for years, all the time showcasing our clients logos, which is surely worth the higher initial investment!

If you're after some more information about our custom branded drinkware products, head to our Co-brand page or get in touch with the team today and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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