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How to clean my reusable water bottle?

It's impossible to keep your reusable water bottle perfectly clean. But if the bottle is used frequently without washing it properly, it can get gross really quickly. According to recent testing done by EmLab P & K, the inside of reusable water bottles had all sorts of germs, including E. Coli and even roundworm eggs. Your water bottle is like a modern-day pet. If you take care of it properly, you can enjoy a long and happy relationship. But if you don’t pay attention to your water bottle, the results can be uglier than a trip to the doctor.

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1. Invest in a Just Bottle reusable water bottle. Plastic water bottles are incubators for germs. Plastic is a highly porous material that is prone to cracking. Germs and bacteria can collect in these areas.

2. Use soap and water. This one seems obvious but it cannot be understated. Many people are under the impression that all a water bottle needs is a quick rinse with hot water to come clean. This is not the case. To get rid of the most germs make sure you wash your Just Bottle water bottle with soap and water, preferably antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

3. Moreover, to remove mineral build-up, you can fill your reusable water bottle with 1/4 vinegar and water. Then rinse and dry.

4. Dry your bottle. Another mistake people make is to clean their bottles but stop short of drying them! Water left to sit in a bottle can contribute to even more bacterial growth. Make sure your bottle is nice and dry before you store it away. 

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Invest in a Just Bottle water bottle because it is easily cleanable. Some water bottles are not designed for cleaning. It may be hard to scrub the areas that need to be scrubbed. Knowing the importance of a clean water bottle, companies like Just Bottle have created stainless steel water bottles designed for the outdoors with Armour-Coat™ Matte Finish and a durable stainless steel handle.

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